Studio Overview

“Phil’s Mix” room is based around a modern SSL console and handpicked vintage outboard gear.

This new room is dedicated to mixing. The acoustics were easy to deal with from the beginning as there is no glass reflecting sound back at the mix position. Instead there is a massive custom built wood diffuser behind the console dealing with all the low mids that will occur behind the monitors and then floor to ceiling bass traps in each corner.  The tracking studio my clients will have recorded in will have great sight lines for performances but that glass reflection will have a negative affect at the mix position. I do have a great ISO booth located at the back of the studio which is perfect for reamping or overdubs. 

For monitoring I’ve been using Focal SM9s and Yamaha NS 10s for quite some time now. If the mix sounds great in both monitors I know it’s going to translate well everywhere. I have all the usual plugins but investing into any outboard compressor or EQ took some time and experience. I have all the major DAWs on PC and MAC. I still prefer to use Nuendo. The width and depth of a mix of this DAW matches the console.  It also allows the client to listen in real time from their studio through VST connect!

I rely on Antelope conversion. Their 10M clock is amazing.  



Gear List

Console AWS 900 +SE



Nuendo, Cubase

Wavelab, Protools

Logic Pro

In PC and Mac Format

UA, Waves etc 


Outboard Effects

Lexicon 480 L, PCM 70

Yamaha Rev 7, SPX 990

Maor Appelbaum Mastering Pele

SPL Transient Designer


Universal Audio LA 2A

Purple Audio MC 76's

SSL - 384 Comp

Focusrite Red 3

Retro Instruments MC 76

Emperical Labs Distressor's

AMEX 9098 Comp

A Designs Nail


BAE 1084s'

Manley labs Stereo Pultec

Chandler Curve Bender

Focusrite ISA 110



Dynaudio BM 15

Focal SM9

CLA 10

Grado RS2