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phil's mix




If you are at my site for the first time, you most likely have been in the recording industry long enough to appreciate that it takes a great team to make things happen. I've worn all the hats during a recording project as the engineer/producer/mixer. During this process I noticed my energy level starting to fluctuate near the end of tracking a great project. By the time I got to the mix stage I started to take elements within the song for granted, or being cautious with the balance of things. Generally speaking I was also a little burnt out.  I was fortunate to have a few opportunities where my productions were mixed by other people. This was a little ego busting at first, however it became way more exciting when I heard the first mix. Around that time I also understood why the "Major" artists had someone else mix their project instead of their production team. My new motto everntually became "DON'T MAKE THE PRODUCER MIX"! You can send me your digital files and we'll do a test mix to see if this works for you.  


As 90% of my clients are not in Canada, I'm able to efficiently work with them on  their mixes as I offer real time listening during the process.  I have Protools, Cubase, Nuendo etc. with all the usual plug ins everyone else is using. They're great but not the same. The bulk of what I do is on an Analog console and industry proven outboard processing. The lay out of this room allows me to be in the stereo field as I'm adjusting (for example) my LA2 on the Bass. You can actually stand up and move.  I like to have my screen off to the side of the console so I'm listening to the mix not looking at it. Hopefully this helps demystify what a mixer can do for your project.





Sigh  Tokyo Japan

Renaissance Rock Orchestra Las Vegas

Seek Irony   Austin Texas

Econoline Crush   Vancouver British Columbia

Weston Coppola Cage   Los Angeles California

VanHalst   Toronto Ontario

More Than Machine   New Jersey USA

Buzzard Orchestral  London England

Stars   Los Angeles California

Gravity Mob Heroes   Edmonton Alberta

Fighting Atrophy   Fort  Wayne Indiana

Daniel Green   Tel Aviv

Outrun The Arrow    Alberta Canada

Isaac  Alberta Canada


Don Gammie  Alberta Canada

Kenneth Aiken Los Angeles California

Basler   Alberta Canada

Mac Miller   NYC  New York

Holiday Monday   Alberta Canada

One Bad Son   Saskatchewan Canada

Tupelo Honey   Alberta Canada

Mervyn Albyn   Alberta Canada

Jets To Theory   Alberta Canada

Chunk    Alberta Canada

Synn   Los Angeles California USA

The Melisizwe Brothers   Alberta Canada

Joey B  Anaheim California 


Voice Over

Belinda Metz

Brad Pitt

Chris Hadfield


Producers Mixers I've studied and worked with

Billy Graziadei

Gregg Fox

Rich Chycki

Nick Blagona

Andy Wallace

Chris Lord Alge

Trevor Hurst

Michael Brauer

John Chominsky

Jack Joseph Puig

Ari Rhodes

Kfir Gov 








Recording Engineering Bootcamp


Recording Engineering Bootcamp

You have a great home studio and you are not getting the results you want. Instead of buying more gear, invest in yourself and make the gear you have sound better. I will spend a week with you doing a one on one Private Educational Recording Engineering and Production Boot camp.  Bring your project in and we’ll go over how you tracked, produced, mixed and mastered your recording. I'll show you how the tools you have will take things to the next level using the same digital and the heritage analog pieces that makes things happen.

                         You will get all of the information we used for over 20 years in our accredited Recording Arts College.

                                                             Education lasts a life time.  Call (780) 453 3284